Cary Kazemi has diverse and comprehensive experience in Finance and Real Estate. He was previously employed by Merrill Lynch and operated in the Finance and Real Estate Division.

Following this Cary also utilized his finance background and invested in independent film productions in LA with success.

In the Spring of 2016, Cary Kazemi focused on Cannabis Real Estate projects and began a thorough due diligence process to obtain a cannabis manufacturing and distribution license in Long Beach, California after the passing of Proposition 64. Cary Kazemi combines a strong cannabis market knowledge and financial background. Cary graduated from the University of Texas, at Austin with a degree in Finance and Real Estate.


CEO, CSO and Founder

Shea Alderete is a passionate and strategic entrepreneur with over 15 years’ experience in the cannabis industry. Previously, Shea had a professional career in baseball and recognized that there was a gap in the market for anti-inflammatory medicines for pain relief.

Shea has a long term experience working with famous brands in the cannabis industry such as Moxie and HTH, where he set the innovative standard for cannabis extraction and paved the way for their success. He won numerous cannabis product awards with the Cloud Vapes brand, which today is a $70M USD a year profitable business. In addition to this Shea has won the Chalice Cup of California for the best CBD products as well as the Canada Karma Cup for the best vaporizer and terpenes in 2016.

Shea Alderete has focused on revolutionizing cannabis for the past decade to provide clean medicine from its extraction. He brings the technical background to produce high quality cannabis and the innovation of such cutting-edge technological processes to Gen X.


Chief Operating Officer

Joaquin Rodriguez comes from a mixed background of engineering, business and economics. While completing his studies to be an engineer, Joaquin worked for Chevron in a Northern California refining facility based in Richmond. Here, he gained experience in processing, testing for oil additives and oil batch testing through various parameters such as pressure and viscosity. Joaquin has run numerous data sets for Chevron and spent over 4 years working with the company understanding their oil formulation operations and projects.

Afterwards, Joaquin created his own clothing company and successfully coordinated the brand and its events, charity networks and entertainment. Joaquin and Shea have now been together for 6 years developing cannabis extraction technology.

Joaquin has strong operational and management skills, which he brings to Gen X.


Brand President

David Marler comes from an entrepreneurial background starting with his first race horse transportation company at 18, which he sold for a highly profitable sum after making a strategic investment in the first year of its operations.

Following this exit, David Marler relocated to California and focused on strategic investments into the cannabis market.

He is also an extremely talented networker, marketer and relationship building asset that has helped open doors, build industry assets as well as product development. In relocating to California he invested into Gen X and CannaRite, our CBD vape line with all natural cannabis derived terpenes.